DeFi Dan’s Crypto Cashflow Review: Scam or Legit?

Hey guys, DeFi David here, or should I say, David Nelly from Safe Money Makers, and today we will be looking at DeFi Dan’s (Real Name Dan Ryder) Crypto Cashflow System.

You may know Dan from his famous Instagram ad where he talks about how our traditional financial systems are burying us, but it’s all good because regular guy DeFi Dan cracked the code using on creating cashflow by using DeFi Disruptors and semi-retiring in his 30s. 

And good news, DeFi Dan wants to show you how to make money from Cryptocurrencies. But the question of the matter is, is this DeFi Dan guy legit? Does he know what he’s talking about? Does what he teaches work? Is Dan a good person with your best intentions in mind, or is he just another one of those thousands of internet scammers who simply want to take advantage of your uneducated crypto mind to get you to type in those credit card digits?

The Premise of the product:
Crypto Cashflow
-Owner: Dan Ryder
-Summary: Crypto educational course with weekly calls and coaching.
-Opportunity Cost: Unknown, you will have to book a call and find out.
-Pros: Good information on Smart Contract Platforms, and how to earn money from liquidity pools
-Cons: Low information on public opinion of Dan Ryder. Investing is always risky, no matter what form of investing it is.
-Our rating: Keep reading to find out!

Who is Dan Ryder?

Dan Ryder is a U.S. Veteran who served in the Air Force. He also served the healthcare field for several years. Dan wanted to switch things up over time and eventually tried everything under the sun to figure out how to build passive income streams. He had many failures, but eventually, he figured it all out and built himself his own ad agency which he used to help small businesses see more revenue. This ad agency earned him a bit over a million.

Over time, Dan also got himself involved with the crypto market, and once he understood how to trade, his crypto investment income actually matched his agency income.

In addition to his crypto and ad agency success, Dan has also won Clickfunnels’s two comma awards twice!

So in any case, we can see that Dan Ryder has quite a professional resume, and I think that brings forth legitimacy to his name and character, he has obviously done some pretty impressive things. He is skilled in advertising, hence the success of his ad agency, he is obviously skilled in marketing, as 10,000 people have competed over time for the two comma award, I believe that only around 700 of those 10,000 have won the two comma award, and Dan Ryder has done it Twice!

And seeing that Dan has also made millions in crypto, I think it is safe to say that Dan would qualify as a great instructor in this space.

What is Crypto Cashflow?

So, Crypto Cashflow is an online educational course about the world of crypto. It will teach you all about crypto yields, why investing in crypto has a way higher yield of return compared to that of stock investing, how to find the cryptocurrencies with the highest yields, and it will also teach you about why you should consider doing your crypto investing inside of Smart Contract Platforms instead of the more mainstream centralized platforms like Coinbase and Robinhood.

20-minute video introduction summary:

After you see one of Dan Ryder’s over-exaggerated Instagram ads (and that’s no offense to Mr. DeFi, let’s just be honest, all make-money online ads are way over-exaggerated), and you click on the learn more button, you will be taken to Dan’s Clickfunnels sales funnel video that serves as both a bit of education and also as promotion for his system, the Crypto Cashflow system.

I really hate it when instructional/training videos are from Clickfunnels sales pages, because I’m trying to process all of the information and take notes, and of course, you can’t rewind, so if you don’t catch something, the only way to reference it is to re-watch the entire video! Russell Brunson, you really need to fix this feature, YouTube is 10X better! 😣

Life story, testimonials, the hype-up pitch, and so forth:

Dan explains that his Crypto Cashflow system will show you how people are making $10K, $50K, and even $100K per month with cryptocurrencies, or something to that effect.

He then does the testimonial spiel and explains how regular people like Ben who was a burnt-out Telecom manager and also struggled with a car-selling side hustle and made over $10K within 30 days upon joining this system. It’s the whole I ditched my job and now have time freedom sales pitch. This system is apparently attracting folks from all over the globe, from regular 9-5rs, and even various rich investors.

Dan is not a financial advisor, and I advise you to keep this in mind! Dan might be a good crypto trader and maybe he knows his way around the crypto world, but do not heed his word as gospel.

You won’t need to be famous on Instagram or whatever in order to do this, you won’t have to spend years building some affiliate website business thing, or even learning a new skill. The majority of Dan’s course teaches you how to leverage Smart Contract Platforms, as well as how to take advantage of the liquidity pools that come with them.

After some more testimonials and a basic life story about rags and nothing working out for them to building a million-dollar agency, and some other stuff, Dan starts explaining how this all works.

Crypto Education and more about Crypto Cashflow:

Dan pulls out a calculator and uses it to show the difference between yield returns and stock investing, which usually nets you a 10% yield at most, and crypto, which can yield returns from 200% and beyond.

So, he puts in $3,000 as the investment within the calculator. With stock, he assumes for the best scenario, a yeid of 10%. Without putting in any more investment, over 3 years, that yield will provide a profit of $4,050.52.

Dan then does the same investment for crypto and assumes the best yield of 200%. Over 3 years, the $3,000 investment will make $1,221,264.

So the point of this comparison is for Dan to show you that Crypto is obviously way better than stock investing, would you rather get a measly $4,000 in 3 years that will barely move the needle of getting you out of the 9-5 grind, or would you rather become a millionaire in 3 years?

Dan uses Pool Driver Rewards.

Pool Driver Rewards are semi-automated processes of facilitating other people’s crypto trades and collecting the finder’s fee for doing so. 

You can only get pool driver rewards from smart contract platforms, which are independent platforms for crypto trading.

Most of the crypto trading takes place on mainstream and centralized platforms such as Coinbase or Robinhood. There are generally more headaches on these platforms. For example, you are required to be matched up with a crypto seller in order to trade.

With Smart Contract Platforms, you won’t have to be dependent on a seller. It’s more of a self-checkout system, you just buy the coins that you need, and it’s as simple as that.

Now, Smart Contract Platforms use liquidity pools that allow someone to swap tokens automatically.

Because Smart Contract Platforms make money through tokens being traded, when you lend your purchased tokens to other investors, you will be rewarded for part of the tokens swapping fee.

Essentially, Dan goes on to explain how, unlike a bank, being involved with Smart Contract Platforms enables you to see explosive interest growth on your investments, or should I say the money that you put into the Smart Contract Platform of your choosing.

Review Conclusion:

I cannot make any claims on any authority, but to me, it seems that Dan Ryder and his Crypto Cashflow Course are legit. He speaks with confidence and is educational while doing so. He has won many rewards and accomplished many things, and also made a very large amount of money while doing so, but the thing that does bug me is this, why isn’t anybody talking about it, you would think that with the two comma club awards, there’d be more articles about him on the internet.

But in any case, I do not think that my review will be able to serve you with the answer to the million-dollar question, and that question being, “should I take this Dan Ryder guy’s course? Should I follow this Dan Ryder guy’s investments?”

And the best advice I can really give you for this situation is that you’re going to have to do a feeling-out process of your own accord and figure it out for yourself. I’d recommend checking out their 20-minute video and then booking a call.


✅Dan has had various successes within many different fields including crypto, and I would say that he will do a good job as your course instructor.

✅The course will provide you with weekly calls and coaching, and I believe that this is the best way to learn something new, interactive learning allows for questions to be asked, and I like the idea of being able to communicate with your teacher.

✅While some work may be required, Crypto is a lot of smoother and easier way of making money, compared to those who do affiliate marketing, YouTube, or e-commerce. If you can really get crypto trading down, then you can supplement yourself with a passive income stream without having to commit yourself to a second job like other make-money-online opportunities.


❌While Dan Ryder is an excellent trader in the crypto world, crypto can still have an extremely dangerous effect on your finances. If you make enough mistakes, you could eventually lose everything to your investing efforts. While investing is less risky, it is in a sense a bit like gambling. No matter what anyone says, there is no way to truly guarantee any form of success in investing.

❌Adding to what I mentioned above, there’s no way to truly guarantee a stable income in the crypto world. There is no predictability to crypto stock flow, it can go up, it can go down, and it’s hard to make predictabilities, and because of this, the world of crypto is actually more of a world of chaos, instead of a flow that you can use to guestimate your best investment choice.

❌Low to little public opinion on Dan Ryder, and while I would say that he’s probably a legit professional in the crypto space, I can’t actually confirm this for you, and with so many scams in the crypto space, it’s very important to understand who is legit and who is not.

While there are various testimonials singing the songs of Crypto Cashflow, its very easy to fake testimonials, you can simply hire people off of Fiverr to memorize a script you wrote for them to paint the picture of your product being the best thing around since sliced bread. If a company has its testimonials only on its sales page, and you can’t find people on social networks like Reddit singing the same praise, I’m going to have trouble believing the testimonials.

But in any case, I will give DeFi Dan’s Crypto Cashflow the benefit of the doubt.

Crypto Cashflow gets a…


David Nelly approves!


David Nelly

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