Can you make money with any niche in Affiliate Marketing?

Hey everyone, David Nelly here from Safe Money Makers, and today we are going to take a look at the concept of making money from any niche. This is a famous catchphrase from Wealthy Affiliate, the training course that teaches you all of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, and today we are going to see if that is really the case or just a sales pitch to keep members mindlessly paying their membership fees on a built-up lie of a broken dream.

Theoretically, you can:

The internet has over 5 billion people online. People who are constantly searching for and buying new things. Not to mention that there are always periods of sales and events going on that you can take advantage of. Black Friday, Christmas, not to mention that you can advertise towards people having birthdays with articles such as, “best hunting gifts for your boyfriends upcoming birthday” “Best microphones for your boyfriend who’s in a rock band” ETC 

I mean, this article explains how someone made $70,000 a month by blogging simple articles about quotes from their favorite anime characters!

So, when it comes to affiliate marketing, can you really make money with any niche?

The answer is yes..and no

The answer is yes if you plan for it properly, or if you have an audience/authority in the niche:

I would say that you can make money in any niche if there is a way to provide helpful informative content in a unique fashion. I would also say that it’s possible if you have a lot of knowledge of the category of content that you are targeting. You have to do something unique, and you have to have an understanding of if there is an audience for it or not.

Here are some examples of what will not gain traffic and most likely will not convert as a beginner with no traction, audience, or authority.

Modern Video Game Reviewing:

Starting your niche website by reviewing video games is a sure recipe for disaster unless you were born with the patience of the gods. Sure, it’s bold to have that ambition of, “I’m going to start out small and present myself as an alternative source of information to the corrupt IGN reviewers who get paid off to give Call Of Duty a 10/10.”

Let’s see what you’re up against.

Well.. you would only have to compete against a sea of 2,560 other websites with your website that has no’ll work out, right? Yeah totally, no big deal.

Realistic outcome: You’re content will never see the light of day if that’s the route you take as a beginner. Now that’s not to say it isn’t possible to make money reviewing video games, however, I would say that it’s at least 99% not possible as a beginner without any capital.

To go into a niche that competitive, the only way I could see success possible is if you were able to invest into hiring your own writers, pay tons of money to ads, and establish yourself as a known authority in that space after years and years of reviewing videogames. 

If you’re incredibly passionate about video games and reviewing them, it can be done, but for most, I would say it’s definitely not a worthy investment of time. It’s a passion vs patience type of war.

Niche down, The pathway to success for beginners:

As a beginner, the pathway to having success within any niche is to figure out how to niche down within your chosen niche. You want to get more specific and less saturated.

Let’s continue with the video games

 example of niching down:

  • Retro Joysticks
  • Accessories and merchandise(keychains, posters, fan art, coffee cups, etc)
  • customized gaming controllers(controllers for big hands, controllers for small hands, re-arranged button controllers for ambidextrous people)
  • Gaming guides(how to make XP easy in an RPG like New World)
  • Cosplay
  • Cosplay Guides
  • Technical guides (memory for PS5, best graphics cards for PC, etc)

Find a small audience of a bigger market and create content for them. Work hard until that content converts, then dissect a new piece of the marketplace. Keep gaining small pieces of a niche, and keep getting wins with them. Then keep expanding your territory in the niche, make more money, start investing the money into your business and hire writers, grab more pieces at once with writers creating content for you.

Become an established content firm, and you’ll be on your way to dominating the niche marketplace of your choosing

And that’s how you can have success within any niche.

Here are some examples of how to tackle huge niches:

How to Make Money Online with Anime

How to Make Money Online with Hunting

How to start your journey and take over a niche market:

The first thing required in my opinion is researching the niche you want to target. Assuming you are just a regular person with no investment to spend on hiring researchers and writers, you are going to want to use a keyword research tool in order to find what your eventual audience is looking for

    To do this, we are going to be using Jaaxy. Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that fetches data and delivers to you the facts of the keywords that you are looking for. It tells you the competition, how many times in a month that people search for a specific term, and delivers to you a prediction of how much traffic you would likely see if you made it to the top 10 search results in the search engines for the search term you are targeting. Let’s go inside Jaaxy and take a look at how it all works.

    For the sake of example, let’s say we are going with Cosplay guides.

    We have these keywords and many others as well. 

    “Halo cosplay guide” gets an average of 64 searches a month, if you made top 10 in search results, you would get 11 traffic per month, the KQI or Keyword Quality Indicator and SEO score determine how likely you will rank on page 1 of search engines for the given keyword phrase. In the case of “halo cosplay guide”, it is very likely.

    So do this, find like 30 phrases and keywords to target. That way you have some content to keep you busy. Then once you have a list of content to create, it’s time to create a website, and you can make one right now in less than a minute with the SiteRubix website building software.

    And there you have it, a website with an objective to create some content and you have taken your first steps to dominate the niche market of your choosing.

    The training that will ensure your success:

    When it comes to having success within any niche, you need to know what approach to take that will allow your website to stand the test of time. 

    Many affiliate marketing empires have fallen because they have selfishly used black hat tactics in the affiliate marketing world to get rich quickly. These tactics include the likes of getting fake backlinks to promote to google that they are a legit source of information. They however fail to understand that Google regularly updates their algorithms, and that allows google to discover bad affiliate marketing behavior, and as a result, google destroys the rankings to these kinds of websites.

    The key to long-term success in the affiliate marketing industry is honest work, white hat techniques if you will. To learn these, I highly recommend my #1 training platform, Wealthy Affiliate! 

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope that I have shown you how to have success within any niche in affiliate marketing.

    It is all about research, applying the research, creating the content, testing what works, finding success, expanding your operations, and then dominating the market!

    -David Nelly

    David Nelly

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