Bravenly Global Review: Pyramid Scheme scam with extra caffeine or legit MLM?

Hello everyone, welcome to Safe Money Makers and welcome to my Bravenly Global review. Today we are going to be taking a look at Bravenly. Bravenly is another MLM in the nutrition and energy space, similar to other MLM companies like The Happy Coffee, Nutonic, Plexus Worldwide, and Unicity International. Bravenly was just created recently back in late 2020 and is close to 2 years old by this point.

Bravenly offers a wide range of supplement-based products such as antioxidants, vitamins, veggie replacement powders, fat loss pills, and powders, generally, we will group them as a supplement/beauty-based MLM company.

And, like all other MLM companies, this company also sells the opportunity to make money through its Brand Partner program.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this company, I do want to give out a fair warning to those who may not be familiar with network marketing and MLMs in general.

Scams and pyramid schemes are running rampant on the internet in all spaces regarding the idea of building your own business and escaping the 9-5, and this company also deals in the Multi-Level Marketing space, a business which in my opinion will be doomed to failure for any new prospects joining.

If you do your research on the MLM success rate, and you use the Federal Trade Commission as a source, this is the #1 article I recommend all comers to read before joining an MLM business, as it shows you based on heavy extensive research that only 0.4% of all people statistically can manage even to turn a profit in the business.

Link to the FTC article that shows data on MLM direct selling success rates: My #1 recommended article to read about MLM on.

The article I wrote on my opinions of the MLM business model, this is a good read!

This means that according to the laws of destiny, you have a 99.6% chance of losing money inside of a direct selling MLM-based business model.

Oh, and one last thing before we get started here, if the situation for joining this company is based on a rep for this company trying to get you in Bravenly Global, and they told you not to look up reviews on the internet…

That’s a major red flag, this person just wants your money, and you should be offended that the rep does not want you to think for yourself.

Telling you this from experience…trust me.

And one last thing y’all (lol), if you have any review requests for MLM or hustle opportunities, please leave a comment below or reach out to my email at!

The Premise of the product:

-Name: Bravenly Global

-Owners: Brent Emry and Aspen Emry

-Summary: Health and Beauty based MLM program with a brand partner compensation plan

-FDA Approved Products? No.

-Opportunity Cost: $49.99-$349.99

✅Pros: Has an income opportunity.


-New Company with no public praise

-Income Compensation plan is lower than your typical MLM opportunity

-Our rating: 0/5

-Is it a scam or is it legit: Unknown, but shows some shady practices.

-Is this Company David Nelly Approved? No

What is Bravenly Global?

The motto of Bravenly Global is to carry yourself with God, live honestly and honorably, be able to listen to others, understand their hearts, and encourage them to follow their dreams.

The goal for Bravenly is to be a world-class innovator in the Health and wellness space. They also claim that their compensation plan is revolutionary. That is something I will put to the test because most MLM models have the same style of an MLM compensation plan.

And ultimately, Bravenly wants you to win and make a lasting impact in life(by selling their products).

So what we can gather about this company so far is that it seems as though they have a high interest in getting you to become an ambassador and join their MLM structure compared to getting you to buy their products.

There is a lot of motivational style of language in here, with a  direction of making you feel like this is a wholesome style of the company when they tell you the vision of this company is to carry itself through God, to live honestly and honorably, they also have an entire section of their website dedicated to praying for you.

What I want to know is what when where why and how will this company explode and break barriers in the health and wellness space, especially when none of these products are not FDA approved, and none of them are *intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.*

Bravenly Products Overview:

As discussed, Bravenly’s products are similar to MLM companies like Truvy and Plexus Worldwide. They seem to be able to get rid of massive bloating problems, y’know, keep you out of the bathroom. Keep you caffeinated without all the jittery effects. Detox support, digestive support, etc, etc.

Bravenly Balance:

50 ingredients all combined into a $100 package. Not much information is provided on a product, but they wish you the best of luck finding a more comprehensive and supportive supplement.

Bravenly Bliss:

Vegan, cruelty-free body polish that gets rid of dead skin while also uplifting your mood and spirit.

Bravenly Boost Brew:

It’s a coffee blend, but the claim is that it doesn’t come with all the negative effects like the jitters and midday crash. Bravenly Boost is an Arabic blend combined with mushrooms and nootropics.

It’s $39.99 for 15 servings, a bold statement to claim your price is more expensive than Starbucks.

Bravenly Burn:

There’s a lot of good talk about this product having major benefits but no information is provided on what those benefits are outside of saying it boosts your metabolism and decreases your cravings for surgery/sweet foods.

Bravenly Calm:

A drug that counters the daily chaos and BS in your life like car traffic and having to work an hour past your shift. Contains antioxidant-rich ingredients.

Bravenly Drive:

Product to support people physically, mentally, and emotionally. It also elevates your mood and your wellness, and it makes you hornier.

Bravenly Glow Girl:

Vitamin gummies that boost healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Bravenly Gold:

Turmeric Powder is meant to be used similarly to that of a fat burner, it reduces hunger and cravings.

Bravenly Relief:

Meant to make you feel good, it claims to get rid of body ache problems/backaches. Sounds like the MLM version of a painkiller.

Bravenly Rush:

Vitamin energy powder, but somehow due to neurotransmitters put into the powder, it is better than your typical energy drink.

Does the public greenlight the Bravenly product lineup?

It’s really hard to find any kind of public praise for Bravenly no matter where I look. I find forms on Reddit saying they’d never even consider trying their overpriced products and that’s honestly about it. Bravenly feels rather like quite an invisible company.

The only feedback you can find online about this company is from people on the anti-MLM threads talking about how much of an absolute scam this company is.

There are hardly any comments on any of their YouTube videos, so for a public opinion, I have to say that it’s going to be pretty hard to keep the faith in Bravenly Global. These people from Bravenly claim that their products are the best in the world, that they are better than coffee.

They claim that their relief kills all back pains, all sores, and aches.

But if their products are the best thing since sliced bread, then they would be making national news about it. If you are asking me, I would say that they are selling overpriced products that don’t deliver to turn a profit, and also to empower the compensation plan your typical MLM will structure.

Bravenly Compensation Plan Review:

Brand Partner Compensation Plan:

PDF file here:

To begin your Bravenly business adventure, you must purchase one of the three kits.

Bravenly Business Kit: $49.99

comes with the presentation booklet, the bravenly book, a surprise collectible item, a website you can personalize(but there’s no way the website will be as good as Wealthy Affiliate’s WordPress hosting), as well as tools and resources.

You must maintain 100 PQV monthly if you only purchase the business kit.

PQV stands for Personal Qualifying Volume.

To maintain 100 PQV to continue holding onto your business kit, you must either purchase Bravenly Products yourself, or you must keep selling bravely products or bravenly memberships and accumulate your PQV in that way. This is the best way to do it since you will be losing profit to maintain your business kit otherwise.

Bravenly Ultimate Pack: $259.99

Gives you $175 in Bravenly products worth.

Gives you the Business kit. Gives you 175 Personal Qualifying Volume, and you also get 65 BV(Business Volume)

Bravenly All-in-one pack: $399.99

Gives you everything from the ultimate pack, plus 3 more bravenly products, amounting to every single Bravenly product offered!

In addition, they increase the PQV rate you receive from 175 to 240, and your BV increases from 65 to 100.

#1 Retail Sales:

Starting in Bravenly, you will be put into the foundation phase of earning, and the first way that you will earn money from Bravenly is through their retail sales program.

As explained in the screenshot above, 51% of your qualifying volume must come from your customers. You cannot just pay 100% of it yourself to maintain your commission abilities like you can for other MLM structures. I assume that if you can’t maintain at least a 51% PQV from members you enroll or from your customers, you get canned out of the compensation plan.

The premise of the Retail Sales opportunity is that you can make a 20% commission off of any sales you do for Bravenly products.

#2 Ambassador sales:

This is where the leg-building mechanics start to play out within this MLM structure. You can make a 10% commission on sales made by ambassadors that you personally enroll in this company.

#3 Enhanced Commissions:

Earn up to 15% of bonus volume sales, essentially they are like bonus checks.

#4 First Order Bonus:

When enrolling a new Brand Partner, if they purchase any of the business kits and also purchase some product within 2 days of them joining the company, you will be eligible for a bonus commission rate. This bonus commission takes you up to a 25% bonus level of commission. This brand partner will be known as an E1 direct enrollee.

In addition, you also will receive a 10% commission on E2 direct enrolees. These are enrollees that your E1 enrolls into the company.

Compensation plan Growth Phase:

Upon reaching level 5, the Level Bonus, this is the part of your career path in Bravenly in which you reach the Growth Phase.

#5 Level Bonus:

Time to turn this into a pyramid scheme. With the Level bonus, you can make a commission in a limited capacity depending on the level.

For level 1, you can make 4% off of the sales of your direct enrollees, up to 5 business points.

Level 2, up to 25 BP

Level 3 125 BP

Level 4 625 BP.

#6 Enrollment Bonus:

To be eligible for these bonuses, you must at least attain the rank of Executive Brand Partner.

With the Enrollment Bonus, you will receive a 6% commission on all of your E1s and E2s’ Business Volume.

#7 Director Bonus:

**Only people within the Director Rank are eligible for these bonuses**

Upon reaching the director rank, make at least a 2% bonus commission from anyone in your downline who hasn’t reached the director rank.

#8 Rank Bonuses:

If you achieve a certain rank within a time frame, you will receive a bonus payment. Keep in mind that these are not reset time limits, it starts from the day you join the company.

So, if you don’t reach the rank within the specified time frame, you will not receive the bonus payment.

Leadership Phase:

#9 Vice President Bonus:

More 2% extra bonuses as you rank up to Vice President from other lower ranks.

Executive Phase:

#10 National Bonus Pool:

How much can you earn with Bravenly?

While it’s possible to make unlimited money through any kind of MLM opportunity, I don’t sense much presence with Bravenly.

There’s no public praise for this company outside of the very select few people praising its products on the Facebook page. The purpose of these people is simply to attempt to add more people to their downline.

They have no BBB page, they have to Trustpilot page, and the public opinion that we here at Safe Money Makers found is full of people who are angry at this company.

The products aren’t popular and the products aren’t selling.

Without a strong foundation put in place to get these products popular, you are going to likely have to rely on some very deceptive tactics to get people a vested interest in this company.

You should know that I do have every anti-MLM outlook. A much more preferable way to make money online would be through my #1 recommendation, Affiliate Marketing.

As mentioned at the top of this article, through MLMs, you only have a 0.4% chance of making a profit. Not making money, just because you are making money does not equate to that of a profit.

Making $40 a month when paying $100 a month to maintain commission status within an MLM does not equate to making a profit, you are still losing money.

You have a higher chance of maintaining a profit through gambling compared to promoting an MLM.

Generally speaking, only the very top 1% of people inside an MLM company can make a profit out of it.

So in my honest opinion, how much can you make with Bravenly?

You will be getting your pockets sucked dry, you won’t be earning a dime!

The History that led to the creation of Bravenly:

Before Aspen Emry built Bravenly, she worked with MLM companies Arbonne International, EIRO Research, and It Works! Global, EMRIS International.

Arbonne International broke federal law in 2009 when they discriminated employment against a woman for having a disability.

Arbonne received a federal class-action lawsuit in 2017 for lying about their income claims, and also for potentially being a Pyramid Scheme.

EIRO Research is out of business and filed for bankruptcy.

It Works! Global has been known as a scam for agents with the skinny bands B.S.  It Works! Global is known for its predatory practices of attempting to recruit college women into their scam, and they have been sued multiple times by multiple people for containing lead in its products.

EMRIS International isn’t as shady as the previous companies that Aspen Emry worked for, however it still is another one of those low probability to earn MLM structures that focuses solely on recruiting.

The point of all this is that Aspen Emry’s opportunity might not have your vested interest in mind. MLMs have a history of shutting down, destroying people’s hopes and dreams through manipulative tactics, and ending up being sued by their former members.

Review Conclusion:

There is simply too little information provided on Bravenly to give you a concise answer as to whether Bravenly has any worth or not.

That’s a big problem in an industry where you only have a 0.4% of turning a profit.

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Opportunity to earn from its MLM Compensation Plan.


Lower than usual earning rates displayed through their compensation plan

No public praise for any of its products.

Have to maintain 100 PQV to stay as a brand partner

A new company without any support or praise

CEO has been involved in other shady MLM companies

Bravenly Global gets a…


David Nelly does NOT Approve!

That’s all for today folks, thanks for stopping by

-David Nelly

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