Booming Bookkeeping Business Review: Scam or Legit?

Are you not making at least $158K annually but would like to?

Hey everyone, David Nelly here from Safe Money Makers, and have you been seeing this guy pop up in your Facebook and Instagram feed?

Now you might have immediately dismissed this ad, after all, there are so many of these make-money online scams on social media, how is this one any different?

Well, today we are going to find that out. I’m David Nelly and I made this website as a dedication to finding the best way to make money online, and in addition, I go out of my way to cover good business models and programs for people trying to make money online. I also find and warn people about bad products and scams to make sure people get roped into losing a bunch of money.

So, this is a new style of review for me. I typically cover Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Programs, Multi-Level-Marketing, AD Agencies with the Done For You “DFY Business Model, Stocks, Crypto, or anything investing-related, and Survey Networks.

But not once have I ever covered a course that teaches you Bookkeeping, or anything bookkeeping-related before.

So,  for myself, and for everyone else who saw this ad, but does not know what bookkeeping is, let’s figure out exactly

What is Bookkeeping?

Remember Skyler White from the cult classic show Breaking Bad? She was a Bookkeeper.

Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to my favorite tv series of all time, anyways ahem…sorry, back to the point!

Bookkeeping is recording all of the money a business spends. With the information of the flow of money and transactions being recorded by a bookkeeper, a bookkeeper also plays an integral role on helping businesses save money with their taxes!

Can anyone become a bookkeeper?

Generally yes. You don’t need some fancy college degree or anything to become a bookkeeper. In fact, when looking through Reddit, the talk of the town is generally taking online courses, finding clients, and building up your network.

You can either become a freelance Bookkeeper and do it as a side hustle, or even make it your main gig, but as a freelancer so that you can still choose your own hours.

Or you can get a legitimate job on Indeed where it’s more of a workstyle setting. Some jobs let you set your own hours, and they can offer you the benefits and all that jazz as well!

Becoming a bookkeeper is a good way for people to change up their careers, and while it’s not a glamorous job, it can offer a lot in terms of trying to create a better lifestyle for oneself, and its a light in the end of the tunnel for those who want to get that better lifestyle without having to go to college.

Something that comes to mind for me is people who are in warehouse jobs or some form of labor. Those jobs can definitely be a thorn in the side, gotta drive to work every day, commutes are annoying, traffic is annoying, and plus that’s gas money out of your pocket.

Bookkeeping can easily be a remote position, you could work from home, and save some gas money in the process. Not only could you work from home, but you could also work anywhere, all you would really need is a laptop.

Who is Bill Von Fumetti?

So, Bill wants to sell you his Booming Bookkeeping Business Course. Who is Bill Von Fumetti?

Bill is a family man who has had 5 different careers over the course of his life. At a certain point, Bill was managing a very disorganized gym, and he was sick of the stress. He had a conversation with the gym’s bookkeeper, and she told him about the business model of bookkeeping. He really liked the idea of it and decided to become a bookkeeper himself.

He now owns and operates a six-figure income-generating bookkeeper business, and if you are interested, you can check out his bookkeeping business right here.

I just wanted to show his company’s bookkeeping page so that you can have an example of how going into business for yourself works. If you were to choose to become an independent bookkeeper, you would be making business pages that advertise your services similar to Bill’s bookkeeping page here.

In addition to this, Bill is also a family man, he is happily married and I think he has two kids.

What is Becoming Bookkeeping Business?

Becoming a Bookkeeping Business is essentially an in-depth learning course on how to become an independent bookkeeper. While this course is more geared toward being an independent business that works with multiple clients, you can also take the knowledge from this course and use it towards getting a bookkeeping job if you wish to. I mean hey, 401K and health insurance, not a bad deal at all, am I right?

The course is broken down into 7 different modules. In addition to the training, you will also be getting access to live zoom classes. Each week, Bill makes a new live class, and all of these classes are recorded, so the knowledge will always be expanding.

You will get access to a private coaching community full of other students, so you can build a network of like-minded folks to keep each other accountable.

And, you will be getting one-on-one access to the creator himself, Bill Von Fumetti.

About the Becoming Bookkeeping course:

Bill is all about taking action, he believes that the #1 thing about becoming a successful bookkeeper is getting started. Don’t waste time overthinking, or thinking you have to have the perfect name for your business, just get started and don’t look back.

There are 4 keys to having a successful Bookkeeping Business.

#1 get started today

Most people who have wanted to start a business in their lives have never even gotten started. They are too caught up thinking, “I need a good business name, I need a nice office, I need expensive software, I need a fancy computer.”

The only thing you need is a business license(maybe, depending on what country you live in) and a computer. You don’t need the computer to be state of the art, it can be a used computer from eBay.

#2 Constant Flow Of Clients

It’s 2022, you can now use the power of the internet and online marketing to easily get clients.

Booming Bookkeeping business will teach you how to use Quickbooks Pro Advisor and LinkedIn to use marketing to get clients on autopilot.

#3 Get paid what you’re worth

Not all bookkeepers make good money. The reason why is that not all bookkeepers are good at negotiating their prices for the demand of their work. Boomi9ng Bookkeeping Business will teach you how to show your clients an offer they can’t refuse, which will drive up the demand price for what you have to offer.

#4, the last step, is to become a Quickbooks master

Becoming Bookkeeping Business’s 7 Modules:

Becoming Bookkeeping Business’s course is broken up into 7 different modules.

Module #1 Setting up your business

Module #2 Bookkeeping Fundamentals

Module #3 Quickbooks Mastery

Module #4 Monthly Bookkeeping Service Delivery

Module #5 Marketing Strategies

Module #6 Pricing your services

Module #7 Closing the deal

Is Becoming Bookkeeping Business Worth It?

Bill uses the classic value breakdown ladder to make it seem like you are getting insane value for what is being offered. Now, what he does offer does seem nice, you are spending either a one-time payment of $1997(which saves 35% compared to the monthly option) Or you have to pay $197 for 12 months of the program.

Now, that is a lot of money. It’s not as expensive as taking an accounting major in college, but it’s still quite pricey. I would only recommend taking this course if you truly believe that Bill Von Fumetti has what it takes to teach you how to be a really good bookkeeper.

Otherwise, if you just want to get your feet wet and don’t really want to commit thousands of dollars towards the path of becoming a bookkeeper, I am sure that there are some decent Bookkeeping classes on Udemy that you can check out.

If you want to check out my personally recommend #1 business model for making money online, click here:

Becoming Bookkeeping Business Review Conclusion:

I believe that Becoming Bookkeeping Business has all the tools to show you how to become an excellent bookkeeper.

You are going to be learning from someone who has tons of experience in the field, and also someone who is a six-figure annual earner in this business model.

In addition to that, you’ll gain access to a private coaching community, and personal critiques on your business to help you get better.

My only issue with this course is its price. I think that this is going to deter away a lot of people, especially people who have never considered bookkeeping as an avenue to earn a new source of income.

Becoming Bookkeeping Business gets a…


David Nelly Approves Becoming Bookkeeping Business

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