B:hip Review: Legit MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam with extra hormones?

Hey guys, David Nelly here from Safe Money Makers, and today we are going to be taking a look at the Bhip Global. Also known as B:hip Global. Bhip Global is a Multi-Level Marketing company founded by Terry LaCore and Jennifer LaCore back in 2017. The company’s headquarters is in Melissa Texas.

Terry LaCore is also one of the masterminds behind the recently created MLM called Elomir. In that company, they use children to promote illegal prescription drugs, so if you have a moral compass and wish to stand against a tactic such as that, then I’d recommend avoiding this company as well.

At the very least, at least the sales page for this company is a little bit more morally flexible.

Their product lineups are essentially a bunch of pre-workouts, energy products designed to fuel the body, increase sexual drive, and improve digestive functions.

It’s a “health and wellness” type of MLM company. It is nothing new or groundbreaking. It operates the same way that other MLM companies like Nutonic, Plexus Worldwide, The Happy Co., and Unicity International operate.

Now, when it comes to MLM opportunities, this is the criteria that I tend to look for, and the questions I think you should be asking.

What is the income potential for this opportunity?

-How much Product, or usually in MLM terms, Personal Volume will I need to maintain my membership within its compensation plan?

-Is an income disclosure statement released by this company to properly follow FTC guidelines? This is important because you need to be able to trust the company you work with. If this is not provided, the company is likely manipulating the narrative to make you believe you can make way more money than possible through this company.

-If an income disclosure is provided, what are the average earnings for people in the MLM? Does it look like there is a decent moving around rate with evenly dispersed percentages in the company’s structure? Or, does it look like 80% to 99% of all MLM distributors are never ever able to move above the beginner ranks and only make around $10-$1000 per year?

-How much time and energy will you be spending in the MLM? Will you be able to tackle this MLM structure at a relaxed pace? Will you be provided with an opportunity to use online marketing to promote the company’s products? Or will you be hustling all over doing door-to-door sales, hosting parties to introduce the product, and relying on selling to friends and family?

-Is the company’s product actually good, or improved over the competition? Or does the MLM rely more on upon recruiting others and attempting to finesse how much money you can make with the company to get people in versus selling the company’s product?

Now, my job here at Safe Money Makers is to help you avoid bad programs, scams, and pyramid schemes,  as well as help you find that online business opportunity that does guarantee you legitimate job replacement income!  (If you are willing to put in the work)

If you have studied MLMs and pyramid schemes like I have, as well as done all the research that I have, you would already understand that only 0.4% of people turn a profit in the Multi-Level Marketing/Direct Selling Industry.

You can see direct proof of this from a research case study done by the Federal Trade Commission. You can download a PDF file here that displays the truth in this.

The Premise of the product:

-Name: Bhip Global

-Owners: Terry LaCore, Jennifer LaCore

-Summary: Multi-Level-Marketing company that sells products such as nutritional supplements, pre-workouts, anti-aging skincare, and other products of this nature.

-Opportunity Cost: $49.95 annually and a $20 to $100 business kit fee, and a need to maintain 50 PV each period.


✅Company is on an upward trend and has high payments for rank advancement (upon the higher levels)


❌No buzz for the company’s products, very low chance of earning a profit, and no publically released income statement.

-Our rating: 0.5/5

-Is it a scam or is it legit: It’s legit, but highly not recommended.

-Is it David Nelly Approved? No

What is Bhip Global?

Bhip Global is a Multi-Level-Marketing company that sells six products.

Each of these products costs $69.99, and each of them serves a health and wellness-based function, such as things like extra energy or a higher sex drive. On the sales page, if you click a product you’ll get a list of ingredients and a product description to see what you are getting into.

Bhip Global History:

Bhip Global was founded by Terry and Jennifer LaCore back in 2007. It started out selling energy drinks, and over these last 15 years, it has expanded itself into a global company. You kind of get that impression from going on their home page alone.

Now regardless if I am or am not a fan of these products, I do have to commend Terry and Jennifer for expanding to such a huge part of the world. To go from hustling energy drinks to getting people on a global scale foaming at the mouth to promote your products is impressive growth.

Now, we gotta determine, is this a legitimate company with legitimate products?

Or is this just a pyramid/pseudo pyramid scheme with low-quality products that cost more than the products of its category that are considered to be good quality?

Products Review:

If a company has products, then yes, it’s a direct selling/Multi-Level-Marketing company. Since they have something to offer, you can’t claim them to be a pyramid scheme. However, many times, Multi-Level-Marketing companies sell overpriced products, and sometimes these products suck y’know, they are just stinky doo-doo.

The reason why these products suck but cost so much is that the purpose is to get paid support for the MLM downline, which allows the company to sell the dream of quitting your 9-5 and having a successful business venture selling the MLM product and recruiting more people to be in your downline.

Hence my term Pseudo Pyramid Scheme, there’s a product, but who ends up being the biggest customer for the product? Not the people who find a use for the product, but the people who are trying to sell the product.

As mentioned earlier, Bhip Global has six products.

Blue Energy Blend

Pink For Women

Red For Men

Noni Gia

Purple Caps Xtreme



What does the public think about Bhip Products?

There is not a lot of information provided on the public opinion of Bhip products. The only ones I can find are the reviews on Amazon. Product reviews on Amazon generally actually range in good standing with an average score of 3.9 to 4.5 stars. However, like all MLMs, the people involved with the compensation plan are the company’s biggest customers, so the reviews are likely from recruiters in the company.

Here are some of the good things people are saying about Bhip’s blue energy drink.

and here are some of the bad reviews.

So, outside of the few Amazon reviews, with most of the positive reviews seeming to be fabricated, I don’t see a lot of public opinion on the product. This tells me that not a lot of people see this as a worthwhile product, and not a lot of people are talking about it.

There isn’t very much buzz for the product, y’know?

In addition, the product is not unique. There are tons of MLM companies promoting energy juices and the like, this is not something new.

Therefore, we are going to be giving this product rating a…


How much does it cost to join Bhip Global’s compensation plan?

Based on my research, Bhip Global’s cost to join is actually relatively low compared to other MLM companies.

Associate Cost: to become an associate,  you simply need to purchase the Global Software System and have it installed on your computer. The global Software System is $49.95 per year.

Partner Cost: Require GSS $49.95 annual payment, in addition, you must purchase the partner package for $20, or you can use 200 of your PV (Personal Volume) that you have accumulated from retail sales as an associate.

Executive Cost: GSS $49.95 annual payment and purchase of the Executive pack for $40. Executive pack purchase can be bypassed if 600 PV has been accumulated.

Professional Cost: GSS $49.95 annual payment and purchase of the Professional Pack for $100. Professional Pack can be bypassed with 1,500 PV.

Bhip also has an RBC rule (do not know what RBC stands for) in which you must maintain 50 PV to be an active business partner. If you fail to maintain 50 Personal Volume for a period, you will pretty much lose everything!

Sounds like a tough business practice that is definitely geared to work against you!

Compensation Plan Review:

If you wish, you can read the entire compensation plan through this PDF file here.

As already mentioned at the beginning of this review, you’ll already realize that 99.6% of all participants in MLM are destined to lose money, but is Bhip Global any different? Could this be the one MLM company that will have a higher probability of yielding better results?

Earning Ranks:

The main way to earn money through Bhip Global is to start from the bottom and rank up. There are four earning ranks. I will use the same table as discussed in the compensation cost header.

FYI the information provided in the pamphlet PDF based on the compensation plan is different than this table that they also provided. For example, the explanation paragraphs say as an Associate you can make 10% commission on sales, however this table states you can make up to 5% commission.

1. Associate:

With the beginner rank of Bhip, you can earn up to 105 commission on sales of Bhip products, as well as up to 10% discount on Bhip products. Associates are eligible for bonus incentives as well.

2. Partner:

Earn up to 20% on sales of Bhip Global Products, and get up to 20% discount on Bhip products as well. Eligible for bonus incentives

3. Executive:

Earn up to 25% on sales of  Bhip Global products, and get up to 25% discount on Bhip products as well. Eligible for bonus incentives.

4. Professional: Highest earning the rank

30% commission on sales, 30% discount on the product. Eligible for bonus incentives, in addition, also eligible for leadership matching, differential, super cycle, and rank achievement bonuses.

Bonus Incentives:

Upon reaching associate rank, you can make a $50 bonus the first time you enroll one person in your left leg and one in your right.

Each time you personally sponsor someone for a rank, make what the table displays below

Upon achieving 500 BV(Business Volume) on both left and right legs, you can be eligible to earn $50. This system works to potentially make you up to $30,000.

Leadership Bonuses:

Upon reaching the appropriate rank, be eligible to receive 10% BV(Business Volume) off of members of your downline. The chart below will explain the potential.

There is also the Leadership Differential Bonus in which you can make small little bonus payments when members in your downline help other members in your downline achieve a new rank within the company. These payments range from around $5 to $25.

Leadership Super Cycle Bonus: Similar to a bonus rank advancement bonus payment, it’s just with a different name, you may now also earn a Super Cycle Bonus payment when achieving a rank up, that’s a lot of bonus.

Leadership Rank Advancement Bonus: it’s a bonus you get for achieving a new rank, just like the Super Cycle, so just add the supercycle and rank advancement bonus together and that’s the total amount of money you get for your new rank bonus.

So, can you make good money with Bhip Global’s compensation plan? The potential is there, but in truth, the answer more than likely is no. As mentioned many times in this review, the FTC clearly states that there is only a 0.4% chance of earning a net profit within an MLM.

And it seems that Bhip Global does not want you to know this, and here’s why:

Bhip Global does not have a released Income Statement:

If you look at one of the more recent MLM reviews, its this company called Color Street, they did release their income statement, and in that statement, you can clearly see that within that company, 98% of people involved with their compensation plan make less than $7,800 per year, and only 3% of that 98% of are making that tippy-top $7,800.

In addition, the payments and resources required for purchases in which are needed for promotional purposes are eating away at that very low earnings rate.

Bhip not releasing an income statement tells me that they are trying to fabricate their income earnings so they can sell more memberships to people.

Is Bhip Global on an upward trend?

The good news is that the company is in a comfortable phase. It grew in popularity from Summer 2018 to about August 2020, then its been dipping throughout 2021, but it seems to be recovering in 2022, and it seems that recently as of this last June in 2022 here, it started growing a bit more.

This represents a good opportunity for those who just need to find a new MLM to promote.

Review Conclusion:

It’s no secret that I’m not in favor of MLMs. Your ability to promote is limited as you can’t really take advantage of Search Engine Optimization strategies, you can’t promote them in an affiliate-like style, and you have to recruit other people to sell them the products, which usually makes them run the other way (and fast).

In addition, with low-quality training provided, low quality means to success, the products usually always suck, and in addition to the products being low quality, they cost more than their higher-quality counterparts, and Bhip Global meets all of those requirements to essentially be a Pseudo Pyramid Scheme!

The whole premise of Bhip is not to change the world and make it a better place by selling their “ground-breaking pink juice”.

It’s to recruit you into their downline and sell you the idea of building the lifestyle of your dreams, and make you become a six-figure earner for the company.

And all the while, the reality is that you are giving away so much of your money to this company to maintain your Personal Volume because you’re not making enough sales to actually sustain your insanely high costs business venture.

Don’t feel bad, it is not your fault, you’re not bad at sales, it’s just that MLM business models for the most part are generally impossible to make money with, they are not illegal, they aren’t a scam, but I mean…they kind of is a scam. It’s just that because it’s legal, we can’t actually say it’s a scam, y’know what I mean?

That’s why I want to emphasize my point when I tell you that the FTC clearly states that only 0.4% of all people involved with the MLM business side net a profit.


✅High payments upon late rank achievement(but as stated many many many times, you probably won’t even get to the second rank)

✅Company appears to be on an upward trend

✅Less expensive to start this MLM business compared to most MLMs


❌Company is an MLM, with very little chance to net a profit.

❌No buzz around product, no one seems to care about this company’s products. This tells me that you aren’t selling the company’s products, but instead, you are recruiting people into the compensation plan.

❌No publically released income statement, which means they are refusing to give you an idea of what to expect earnings-wise as well as profit losses-wise.

Bhip Global gets a…


David Nelly does not approve!

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