Agency Tycoons Review: Is it a scam or is it legit?

Hey everyone, David here from safe money makers, and today we are taking a look at Agency Tycoons. Were you scrolling through YouTube, and while trying to watch a new video, you instead got Michael Hummel trying to pitch Agency Tycoons to you? Perhaps he grabbed your curiosity and now you are wondering to yourself, Is Agency Tycoons a scam, or is it legit?

One of the first things you find out is that without any skills, you can make $10,000 starting within 30 days, from home!
Without further ado, let’s get into the review.

The premise of the product:

  • Name:Agency Tycoons
  • Owners: Michael Hummel
  • Price: Depending on quote per 1 on 1 call, estimated cost is around $3000-5000
  • Overall Rating: 2/5
  • Summary: Drop Servicing Agency business where you email and call clients with drop serving deals.
  • Is it a scam or is it legit: Scam
  • Who it’s for: People who like emailing/phone calls! Lots of patience and the ability to be a comfortable speaker/sales pitcher are required.

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What is Agency Tycoons?

Agency Tycoons is a drop servicing agency where the objective of you, is to act as a middleman between software and its customers.  According to Agency Tycoons, there are three secrets to being successful.

#1, Sending three-sentence emails to peak business partner interests

#2 Plugin a play script to seal the deal

#3 Outsource the work and still get great results.

Going into Agency Tycoons, you start with another one of those fake webinar videos that you can’t skip through to get to the other side, during my research progress, and trying not to go insane while watching this video. That is really the only way to get any kind of information whatsoever on what Agency Tycoons really is. So, you can either go through the video, listen to 15 minutes of this guy ranting about how great his bros who are making $30,000 are without any real proof they made that money, or you can skim through this review, and get good advice from me telling you every reason NOT to get involved with Agency Tycoons, and I’ll even include a bonus, a legitimate way to make money online!


It does teach you how drop-serving and email marketing.

Emails can be automated

Don’t have to deal with all the techy stuff, very easy to follow

Michael Hummel is transparent about how you need to be serious about this business in order to have success in the industry!


You are forced to watch a very long fake webinar that mostly talks about people you will never hear about making tons of money! You can’t fast forward the video, you can’t rewind the video, you simply can only pause it and get through it.

The course is overhyped, there is no way anyone will make anything close to 80k-90k a year right away!

Little to no information provided to what Agency Tycoons is to new customers, makes it very suspicious, no information provided on the price of the course. Have to provide an Email Address for any information at all.

Final Verdict:

I like that Michael Hummel is the very least transparent about the kind of attitude you would need to have to be successful with Agency Tycoons, and that’s about it.

I feel like the testimonials were kind of fake, and I dislike that there isn’t really any information provided without going through the webinar, the only real way to gain a true understanding of what Agency Tycoons is, is by agreeing to do a video call with the creator and giving away information such as your email account. I mean, if someone is trying to sell you something, how would you feel about them not telling you the cost, and forcing you to schedule a webinar with them? No thanks, I’d like to know what I’m getting myself into before you send me your sales pitch.

Agency Tycoons may work for some, but there are better courses on drop-servicing agencies out there, and in my opinion, drop-servicing isn’t even a good way to make money online. If you want to make money online, I would do it in a way that avoids having to send emails, and talk to all kinds of people you don’t know. I would use affiliate marketing, where I can essentially find any product I want to promote and promote it for a commission!

Agency Tycoons gets a…


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I hope that you found this review informative. The goal of safe money makers is to help people gain an understanding of real ways to make legit money online and also help them stay away from bad services and scams.

What is your favorite way to make money online? Please let me know in a comment below!

-David Nelly

David Nelly

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