The most important information you need to know:

-$19 for the first month if upgraded to Premium within 7 days

-$49/month Premium or $495/yearly(save $93)

-Premium Plus Membership costs $99/month or $995/year.

Hey, welcome to the introduction for the product that is my #1 recommendation for making money online. Are you someone who is tired of working their boring 9-5 mundane job where the boss has strict rules that are total nonsense? Are you sick of your fake co-workers going behind your back for work-based politics so that they can climb the corporate ladder, leaving you looking bad and in the dust?

If you are on this page, chances are that you’ve already reached that curiosity stage of building a side hustle or building your own business.

But boom, you hit a brick wall!

Brick and Moter’s business start-up costs are way outside your capital right? You’re living paycheck to paycheck, and even if you start riding your bike to work and eat nothing but ramen for 4-5 straight years, you still won’t have enough money saved up to fund your start-up. Option Canceled! Not to mention that there is a small chance of having success.

Oh but wait, there’s this warrior plus solution that will pay me $10,000 per month while I sleep, all I have to do is click this button. Turns out it’s just some referral program where I go on Instagram and risk getting banned by spamming other spammy offers from Warrior Plus or Clickbank.

The Result:

Ah shoot, my Instagram account is banned and nobody purchased my spammy offers, option canceled!

The reality check that I needed!

Back in 2016, I was that guy who was motivated to be a millionaire. I fell for all the scams! I saw the Lambos and the Bugattis, I spent thousands to join these webinars and just ended up being left high and dry. I remember falling for the World Ventures Travel scam too.

See, I was always promised by these greedy gurus that it would be easy to make money and that I could quit that job that always made me so miserable! I was lucky enough to wake up before it was too late before I lost my job before I spent too much money on scams, I woke up before I would have been forced to file bankruptcy.

Then I found Wealthy Affiliate, and I built out a few niche websites and started earning some money.

And while I earned some money, the one thing that I truly discovered is that it is not fast or easy to earn an income online, much less a living!

Thus, the reason why you don’t see a lot of people doing this kind of stuff, is if it was fast and easy, everyone would do it!

In essence, what I am telling you is that to earn a living online, you actually have to experience a lot of failures and work really hard!

About Me:

Hi, I’m David Nelly. Despite the preaching I do about putting your time in and telling you it’s not easy to make money online, the truth is, I am not actually a very hard worker.

And this is something that I need to work on with myself, hence why I fell for scams back in the day. One thing I can tell you though, is that through putting my time in, and experiencing those times of failure, and those times of being ripped off by scams, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge of understanding the language of the make money online business.

I believe that the reason why there is so much failure in the online world is that people have no general direction of what to learn and who to learn from, nor do they have an understanding of the tools that they need to use to find their success.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform that provides you with both the training and tools that you need to start a successful and profitable online business. In addition, they also offer you 24/7 live chat support and 1 on 1 coaching with the owners of the platform Kyle and Carson.

The whole purpose of Wealthy Affiliate is to propel you towards real online success and ensure that you are never stuck along the way.

With Wealthy Affiliate, expect success with the ability to always have any of your questions answered, and top-tier performance with the best tools within the make-money-online industry.

How Wealthy Affiliate’s training works:

Wealthy Affiliate provides step-by-step training that will walk you through the process of how to create an online affiliate marketing business that has the audience coming to you, reading your helpful content, and giving you commission by purchasing your recommended products through your affiliate links that solve their problem!

While there are tons of things to learn about social media marketing, PPC, Email Marketing, etc etc, it is still possible to achieve major success with the 4 steps simple formula that Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

Step 1, choose an interest

Do you buy products on places like Amazon, eBay, Best buy, or even in an offline setting like going shopping at Wal-Mart, Target?

That’s an interest, chances are you can monetize that interest!

Have you ever bought something like pots and pans for cooking, or what about camping gear, a new bike for biking? You could build an affiliate site and make money off of those interests by helping other people make purchasing decisions that will help them spend their money on the best value they can get.

Step 2, build a website

Insert website builder

Build your 1st website in less than 3 minutes above, just come up with a name and you’ll already be in business!

Think you need a 4-year college degree Ph.D. in computer science to build your website? Think again, with the SiteRubix hosting offered by Wealthy Affiliate, you can have your very own affiliate website up and running in less than 3 minutes.

Your website will be your home base for making money online, the spot of eternal information offered to folks online who need help with something, boom, there you are, the safe haven that will always be there to collect a commission from a credit card payment.

It’s that one thing that is the light at the end of your tunnel, your hope, your opportunity to change your life.

Step 3, Attract Visitors

With Wealthy Affiliate’s training, you are going to learn how to get visitors to your website using free methods such as keyword research and Search Engine Optimization.

Step 4, Earn Revenue

Once you build up an audience, and they trust your content and expertise, you will start earning an income. You earn through your affiliate links.

For example, in the image above, the website is doing one of those “top 10” posts for lava lamps.

See those “View on Amazon” and “Find on eBay” buttons? 

If a user on that specific website clicks those affiliate links and buys that lava lamp, or any other product from Amazon or eBay, the website owner will receive a commission for any purchase dependent on the cookie length of the affiliate program.

So in essence, what Wealthy Affiliate does is teach you how affiliate marketing works, how to create content that is humanizing and relatable, attract visitors to your website, and teach you how to monetize your website.

Why I prefer Affiliate Marketing over any other method:

Do you hate dealing with customers? Does the idea of constantly having to have your phone taped to your ear because you have to constantly handle customer invoices make you feel nauseated

Me too!

Does being a coaching and consulting agent sound way too time-consuming?

I agree!

You don’t deal with any of this BS with Affiliate Marketing

✅No cold calling/having to build relationships with clients

✅No inventory/need to own products that you promote. As an affiliate marketer, don’t think of yourself as an online salesperson, you are just someone who loves a particular niche, and you are sharing your passion and experiences within the niche. Think of yourself as an expert researcher who is going out of their way to find the best solutions for their audience!

✅No need to promote to friends and family and get those weird looks, with affiliate marketing, you have an audience of over 5 billion people, you literally have the entire World Wide Web to promote too.

✅Build your business from anywhere, as long as your website is on the internet, you will have a constant chance at any time to make money online, you never know who could find your website. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

✅Wealthy Affiliate has hundreds upon hundreds of success stories to prove to you that this is legit!

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Other Incredible Success Stories to motivate you:

$6,600 Revenue in November 2021 – 11 Month Old Site

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Your future success story :)

How to get your online business started today for free:

What is one of the most off-putting things about trying to find a way to start making money online?

For me, it’s these two things:

#1: The industry space is filled up with charlatans who falsely advertise their products. They use the following tactics…

❌Too good to be true claims

❌Give false information of what their product really does, and at times, make outright false claims

❌Don’t disclose the price of their product

❌At times, give a false statement of their product cost, only for you to find out you bought yourself to the inside of a sales funnel, and you end up finding up-sells for the original product you thought you were getting.

#2: The industry space is filled up with pyramid schemes or MLM companies that brainwash the way people think, transform your best friends into absolute strangers, or scams that don’t deliver on what they promise.

With testimonials and praise reaching all around the globe to the point that your head would spin, that is not going to be the case with Wealthy Affiliate!

People really love Wealthy Affiliate over at Trustpilot as well!

The one thing that puts the icing on the cake for Wealthy Affiliate is that they let you try for free.

Simply click this link here, and you can have your own online business running in no time!

Now, of course, the premium membership is really where it’s at, but still, the free starter membership is going to allow you to get your feet wet in the affiliate marketing world, and also it is going to show you whether Wealthy Affiliate is something for you or not.

Hate hitting a wall and staying stuck? Wealthy Affiliate has 24/7 Support:

Having the best training and tools on the market will only get you so far if you have no guidance. 

As you can see from the screenshot above, Wealthy Affiliate is full of like-minded entrepreneurs who are always there to help you improve your skills, understand how affiliate marketing works, and answer all of your questions.

You just have to be willing to ask!

In addition to the support you get from the community, as mentioned earlier, you also get 1 on 1 coaching from the creators of the platform, Kyle and Carson, both of whom have over 20 years of success in affiliate marketing!

What to expect on the other side:

Once you join Wealthy Affiliate, you will receive a welcome message from me, and you will also receive a welcome message from Kyle, who goes out of his way to communicate with every new member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Then, we will help you figure out how to navigate the Wealthy Affiliate platform and send a link through a message on how to access the first 10 lessons of the online certification entrepreneur training class. As a free starter member, you will have unlimited access to the first 10 lessons.

A salesperson would try to shove the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership down your throat, tell you to upgrade upgrade upgrade…

And while I would recommend the premium membership, I would much prefer for you to take Wealthy Affiliate for a free test ride first, and let you decide for yourself if wealthy affiliate is worth any investment or not.

Don’t forget you can try Wealthy Affiliate for free, click here to take WA for a test drive!

David Nelly